The team

Ape About Coffee has a great team of baristas that share a passion for speciality coffee. We’ve learnt that it takes practice to develop the skills to create a coffee that’s memorable for all the right reasons, but that hasn’t come without some help along the way.

fb-14The founder of Ape Coffee Events, Nick Ashton (left), honed his barista skills with advice and training from both Rob Henry and Daisy Rollo of the London School of Coffee.

Since his early training years, Nick has continued to develop his coffee knowledge and barista skills, including training other staff members. He strongly believes the two key aspects of a great coffee experience are consistency and a team of friendly, approachable staff. He also feels strongly that people should be given the opportunity to try different types of coffee rather than drinking the same drink day in day out. This is why our espresso bars regularly changes the coffee we brew – let’s face it variety is the spice of life!!

Barista team (below) who were part of the Paper Arts project in 2015

Ape About Coffee opens at PAPER Arts